Autism: An On-going Journey Forward

Today I attended the TACA fundraiser luncheon and fashion show.

Honestly, I had such a wonderful experience today at the TACA (Talking about curing autism) fundraiser fashion show.  Of course, I don’t get out much.  So, when I get a chance to sit with other adults, it’s always a serious treat.

I met some incredible women, some who also have a child with autism, who shared and/or understood many of the experiences I’m going through daily, and that was very affirming. Listened to an amazing young lady speak (for the first time addressing an audience!!) who has autism and she spoke of what it is like to have the disorder & how her mind has functioned in various situations.

I cried when she so adeptly described some of the behaviors our son displays and what was going on in her head when she would do it. It was like having a small, but amazingly private view into my son’s head for just a short moment. She shone a light into his world for me and I am so grateful.

And, last but not least, a fabulous neurologist from Cambridge spoke.  She has recently moved her clinic to San Diego/Del Mar and practices what I’ve been searching for – a whole/holistic approach to supplements, dietary measures, and neuroscience all wrapped into one treatment center. I cannot wait to meet her in her office and walk down that path, too.

A special thank you to Stephanie Fink Lundstrom, who sponsored this event through Jockey Person2Person.  She is a wonderful person, my fashion guru, and a great saleswoman!  Image