The owner of Amber’s Artistry has been drawn to artistic endeavors since she was very young. Always encouraged by her loving parents and given room to try her hand at all types of artistry; she produced works in various formats throughout her life.

Amber’s artwork is held in several private collections around the world.  Through art instruction over the past 15 years, she was dedicated to supporting aspiring student artists, public art, and those wanting to simply express themselves through art in a calm and enjoyable environment, focusing on creating mosaics in artistic meditation (TM).  Currently, Amber is focusing on her individual art work for commission and sale


·       Associate Degree – Professional Interpreting

·       Bachelor Degree – Liberal Studies: Education with a specialty in Deafness

·       Art & Educational Therapy coursework at University of California San Diego

·       Master of Science – Department of Administration, Rehabilitation, and Post-Secondary Education at San Diego State University in Rehabilitation Counseling.


Amber embraces art and its healing properties for all abilities and ages and currently focuses on mosaic as a form of artistic meditation©.

The artist lives in San Diego, California where she and her two children (small miracles) share their home with a loving GSD and some sweet kitties.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. barefootintheglass
    Jul 05, 2012 @ 21:07:53

    Amber, I read a lot of blogs and write a couple myself which are ridiculously benign (and I use that word on purpose; sending it out into your universe for healing). I was moved and inspired and encouraged by what i have read. I, too, am a mosaic artist and believe in its healing properties. I began life as a full-time artist after caring for my Daddy in his last 10 months fighting kidney cancer. I have come to realize that I am not just in mourning for my Daddy. I was traumatized in many ways: moving back to my childhood home so he could be in his home, getting a divorce from a man who was so cold and unfeeling during the beginning of my journey with dad that I told him to leave. I had to make a choice and my Dad was it. My little girl was 11 and we had to change schools, move away from friends, etc. But she handled it like a champ. However, the isolation of 10 months of caring for Daddy (a very strong, bull-headed, loud, emotional, Italian macho man who was being reduced to a weak invalid) was emotionally and physically devastating for me. No one seems to understand how much I need to heal. I still have flashbacks about some of the instances of his illness, He died January 13, 2011 and made it through Christmas through sheer will. It was his favorite holiday. What I am saying is, Thank YOU! Thank you for validating me today as I read this about your bout with Melanoma. You will be in my prayers, dear sister, because as you know…we are all in this together and none of us get out physically alive, yet I do believe we soar onward to heights unimaginable. Loss is tough on the living. You, mosaic art, love, healing and so many ‘coincidences’ are coming together in this world. People all over the world are joining with our love of art and our compassion for healing and pain. You are an angel on earth with a gift. The artistic gift of healing. Perhaps that is what this journey of mine is really all about. NOT the hokey pokey! I’m sending love and light to you from Texas and will be following your progress and sharing your blog. You will encourage many. Love – Lisa Anderson http://www.barefootintheglass.com


    • Amber
      Sep 07, 2012 @ 06:12:19

      I don’t know how I missed this lovely comment. What you write is beautiful, Lisa….and, yes, we are healers for ourselves and others. We ARE all in this together! Thank you for YOU and those words from inside of you.


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