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The Nancarrow Project

There are 35 potted plants on my front porch. They came from my coworkers at Fox 5. Apparently, after 3 decades they’ve noticed how much I like to lecture people about plants. As long as we’re on the subject, don’t throw away those “meat diapers” that sit under uncooked meat. Instead, soak them in a glass of water, the remaining red liquid (really it’s just bloody water) makes for an amazing organic nitrogen fertilizer for plants. 

So, back to my work buddies…and the 35 potted plants I’m now tasked with caring for. Gee, thanks guys! The truth is I’ve worked with some amazing people in this town starting at Channel 8 in 1980, 10 News in ’98 and for the last few years at Fox 5. In their profession they see the worst society has to offer—yet they are genuinely empathetic and optimistic despite it all. They are the off-hour…

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